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1993 Mixtape

Five years ago I released my first ever single! Leading up to that point I’d never really written a song before. I wrote 1993 over two days. I wrote the lyrics on the tube en route to play an open mic at The Alley Cat on Denmark Street in London. The tube was about 30mins and when I reached Tottenham Court Road I knew what I had written lyrically was good but I didn’t have a clue how it was going to sound when I put music to it. I had a little studio in the stock room of my local guitar shop (Gardonyi’s in Ealing). I went in the next day and came up with the chords, surprisingly pretty quickly. The lyrics somehow managed to fit effortlessly. I wasn’t the best singer back then, so they were kind of sang/spoken on top in a kind of Bob Dylan sort of vibe. My friend Josh and I recorded it together the same day and I put it out on iTunes a week later. Strangely one thing led to another and by some kind of miracle it picked up radio play on Absolute Radio and BBC Introducing. Some A&R guy at Warner Publishing found it on Soundcloud and wanted to know more but nothing happened! I wasn’t ready, I’d only written about 5 songs back then! Back in 1993 is a song about hot and sticky Summer road trips away with my Dad as a kid in a car with no AC. He’d make these mixtapes that became the soundtracks to our adventures. To celebrate 5 years I made a Spotify playlist today featuring some of the songs that were on these cassettes. The link is below. Thank you to those of you who have stuck around and supported me and my music from the start. There’s been a very small but close group of you and we’ve become good friends. Cannonball Days is about to celebrate its 5th birthday too. I have some signed copies of it and some prints available from my travels at this time. DM me if you want to see them or if you want a signed copy. Jx

Edit: I don’t often listen to my own music after it’s been released. Just listened to 1993 for the first time in ages. I still love these lyrics as much as I did when I first wrote them. They still resonate with me. There’s few times when I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve this much. Love ya Dad.